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. >> in the face of contact of the clothing indicates this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he, that mr. martin was over him, leaning forward at the time of being shot. >> reporter: at times using a photo of a bloody george zimmerman, he said the wounds were consistent with being shot. george zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder. >> is this injury consistent with mr. zimmerman's head having impacted a sidewalk? >> yes. >> reporter: the state's cross-examination was quick but thorough. the prosecutor stressing that the doctor relied primarily only on physical evidence of the gunshot wound and zimmerman's account of what happened to form his opinions. >> i'm saying that the physical evidence is consistent with mr. martin being over mr. zimmerman. >> is it not also consistent with mr. martin pulling away from zimmerman on the ground and you would have the same angle, he's pulling away, and zimmerman shooting him at that time. >> yeah. >> reporter: the jury will ultimately have to decide which version the evidence supports. now, yesterday as we talked about, the
, i asked mr. martin if the voice calling for help was that of his son. mr. martin, clearly emotionally impacted by the recording, quietly responded, no. george zimmerman's defense attorney, mark o'mara. >> i think cha tracy martin said wasp that's not my son's voice and i think that's information the jury needs to have. >> reporter: in court, the jury has listened to that tape repeatedly, as has tracy martin. whose voice is that? >> trayvon. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents have not commented during the trial but did an extensive interview with nbc news a month before the trial began. >> i never said, no, that's not trayvon. but after going back to the mayor's office and having a chance to listen to the tape for at least -- i don't know how long. we just played it over and over and over again. i knew then that that was my son. >> reporter: in court, trayvon martin's mother and george zimmerman's mother came to different conclusions. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> do
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2